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Brief impression of my cables:

Ergonomics: Both cables are relatively heavy but that was to be expected as my cable comes with 8 cores and a custom metallic cable splitter. This weight in addition with the very flexible cables illuminates any cable noise in the audible realm. The cable ergonomics puts cables like Dita Truth under question. The cable sets behind the ear-loop and stay their firmly. I do wear glasses and I so far had no issue wearing my glasses and using my IEM but in general I have a high tolerance when it comes to cable discomfort. Studio Cables Impressions Studio Cables Impressions

Sound impressions: The key sonic difference between copper and silver is how silver impacts the entire sound where as the copper improvement is more in midrange. Another thing which got me off guard is how much better 8 core copper is on extraction of micro details. The last time I felt this was when I ordered a custom PW audio for my EX-1000. Since at that time I had no other copper cable of similar built I couldn’t with confidence state what the cause was.

For some reason I always carried in my head the idea that silver will provide a better micro detailing and copper will provide a better macro detail but my impression changed after testing OC Studio silver and copper cables. At least in higher core numbers silver provides a better macro-detailing and a better overall sound improvement which doesn’t fixate on a particular frequency in contrast to 8 core copper which seems to put a magnifying glass on all the nuances hidden within the track. Studio Cables Impressions Studio Cables Impressions Studio Cables Impressions
Compared to Dita copper and silver Awesome cables which are my reference I find both cables sound fuller than the Dita cables. Resolution on both cables is very close but for now I like to give Dita the edge. I feel Dita Audio cables sound better at louder volumes. Dita will remain my reference as to me they are the size and design I like all cables to be however for now my HUM Pristine has found a new best friend, the UEX.

Compared to the stock HUM CX1 cable I find the Orephus to have the same level of micro-detail extraction as well as midrange extraction. Bass to me is more extended when I have my Pristine paired with both the Orpheus and UEX. However impact is less on UEX and respectively on Orpheus compared to CX-1. But both cables provide a much better fit and ergonomics compared to CX-1 which is bulky and remains always in half bend form. The OC Studio will make CX-1 cable look like a cheaper inferior cable just by look alone. Studio Cables Impressions

Pairing then Ultrasone IQ with the Orephus the mirange improved quiet significantly and that is something initially i wanted but wasn’t expecting. Paired with the Zeus the traditional IQ sound was pretty much remained the same. Studio Cables Impressions

I highly recommend the ATL mmcx plugs. It is the only MMCX which doesn’t want to freely rotate 360 degrees on the Ultrasone IQ and the AKT8iE MKII. One thing to be careful of ATL is not to take it out at an angel due to its flexible inner core. The design philosophy behind it is that it reduces cable popping out of IEM socket which tend to happen in older MMCX female connectors.
Compared to the Sony Kimber cable, Kimber becomes lacking in resolution, bass detail and it simply makes it sound dull. Studio Cables Impressions

In summary OC Studio provide cables which look and perform in price point multiple times their price bracket. In this overcrowded, unnecessarily expensive after market cable OC studio provides set of cables which I can with pure confidence say will equal their much more expensive competitors. Studio Cables Impressions

It is a brand that deserves more attention and  I have no doubt once more people find out about them it will result in their competitors to improve their game!

I hope OC studio provides a better way for English speaking audience to find more detail about their product. Studio Cables Impressions

Happy listening!

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  • Great review!

    Actually OC cables just entered in my sight. It’s a new brand comparing to other cable manufacturers even in Asia, but one of the advantages is it offers cables with much more affordable prices. I admit it’s price that attracts me at first glance.

    I tried all of their cables available in Shanghai, pairing with 1964 A18. To my surprise, these cables boost A18 into a even higher level. Especially GraceX(an 8-wire hybrid cable with 4-wire AUX and 4-wire UEX), which left me a deep impression. It’s a highly balanced cable that not only enhances the treble but also makes bass punch deeper. Soundstage is slightly wider as well. However, the most impressive part is that it adds a slightly harmonic color compared to 8-wire UEX. Also It’s super soft and flexible, enabling me to wear it without any difficulty.

    Their top-notch cable should be OC GraceX ($460) or AUX 8-wire($510). Both of them sound great.

    Next step I may choose an 8-wire Orpheus mk5 for my T8ie as well.Pure Copper cable does fit t8ie.OC studio has already become my first choice when I consider to update my IEM cables.

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