Effect Audio Ares II + Plus Edition IEM cable

Connecting to other rare treasures:

The Ares II+ with Rhapsodio RTi2 and AK380CU (FW1.25 – creamy!), both visually and more importantly audibly seem to have a preordained synergy, all created independently but destined for each other.





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So what powers does she posses….

I thought rather than generally discussing its technicals characteristics I would provide a summary of how it handles some tracks I am very familiar with, after all we love audio because of the music not the technicals!  (I will leave that for the ‘binary tribes’, usually seen hunting in pairs)

Boards of Canada – Reach For The Dead

Starting with slow tight punching bass with what seems like slow static background air being released, the majestic chords rise up and build with a beautiful 80s esque electronic arpeggio. The pace increases as the epic chord sweeps merge effortlessly in and out of the percussion culminating in wave that rises and phases into an outro leaving you desiring the next chapter.

As the Ares II+ is ideal for mids and bass, it holds the depth of this track and keeps it expansive wideness as the chords sweep. The change of pace and different track direction is expertly handled with no over colouring or dominated ranges, and the right amount of kick and thickness.

Olafur Arnalds – Only The Winds

A single piano key struck expertly for the first 24 seconds with slight airy ambient background and light building chords set the tone of this track, your attention is captured at the beauty and simplicity. A more complex but yet simple piano style is built with the pace and as the bass and rising violins make themselves know around 1.07min mark. The beautiful slow decay clap percussion joins in with the sad yet uplifting violins. By 3.00min just the percussion is gone and you are dropped and lost temporarily waiting to be resurrected by the familiar sweeping chords and crashing echoes of percussion. At 4.23min the sadness dominates and ‘Only the Winds’ are left for your existence.

The Ares II+ sustains the keys long enough and with perfect depth, the layering and undulating dominance of the instruments are handled expertly, the soul of this track is kept entact and the hope is still there to the end along with the wind.

Bvdub – Another Morning, Another Day

This starts with a spacious and intimate, slow pulsing airy intro. It has a perfect depth as it builds to the vocals and piano. The ethereal female vocals are so intimate and close that you cant help but feel connected. As around 5.47min the fast attack bass and percussion slow decays with extended sustains to tease every millisecond of pleasure to your soul. Precise soft sub bass is pulsed out at around 11mins to get your head grooving.

The Ares II+ perfectly navigates everything in this ocean of audio art, surfing and steering to epic effect riding the crescendos of musicality beyond expectation.

In fact the whole album – ‘A step in the dark’ is a perfect match for this cable.

Ended up putting this track on repeat – ‘wont you pick me up again’ – yes time and time again.

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