YY Pro Audio – C2x Advanced Cable Run-in Machine – Burning desires manifested

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Product Information:

This newly developed advanced cable run-in machine can break-in in-ear monitors and audio cables with 10 specified logarithmic frequencies. They are automatically performed in an ascending order from 20 Hz to 105 kHz within 6 minutes for a loop. For the demonstration video of “breaking in” a interconnect, please refer to the following video. (facebook video below – you need to be logged into facebook to view)

The large variety of run-in frequencies allows each strand within a cable to be broken-in completely from the core section to the surface section. With large alternating current, shorter time can be achieved for the cable ready for applying to an audio system.

The new output port for “burning” in-ear monitors is introduced with a low volume level to allow all components inside pairs of in-ear monitors to adapt to performing detailed music.


StructureSine Waves of 10 Logarithmic Frequencies Signal Ordered Output
Power Configuration5-Volt Input via Micro USB Cable with Power Adaptor required
Dimensions65 mm L x 110 mm W x 30 mm H
Package Including– Cable Run-in Machine
– User Manual
– One Run-in Machine Adapter for IEM Cables (i.e. 0.78 mm 2-pin CIEM, MMCX coaxial or JH 4-pin connector)



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YY Pro Audio – C2x Advanced Cable Run-in Machine – Burning desires manifested

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