Acoustune HS1501AL and HS1551CU earphone reviews – Industrial Immersion

 Digital Audio Player Pairings review of the Acoustune HS1501 AL / HS1551 CU

Using some of our preferred flagship DAPs we have provided our signature impressions and synergies below.

Pairing with Chord Hugo (optically driven from the AK380CU) – Using 3.5mm Single Ended Output

Brighter signature, greater detail but body of signature a little stark at times. – Okay signature synergy.

Pairing with the Astell & Kern AK380 Copper Edition – Using 3.5mm Single Ended Output

Full rich bodied signature, bass is strong and impacting. The laid back warm character is complemented by the signature dynamics of the AK380CU.  – Good signature synergy.

Pairing with the Sony NW-WM1Z Player – Using 4.4mm Balanced Output

Natural sounding with more transparency present, wider staging and separation of the layering is more distinct along with the imaging.  – Preferred signature synergy. review of the Acoustune HS1501 AL / HS1551 CU

As both models are easy to drive all digital audio players tried worked well, so you should have no trouble getting a great signature experience with most DAPs.

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