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Acoustune HS1501AL and HS1551CU Official Product Details 

Redefining Dynamic Driver’s Sound

Adopted special synthetic materials (medical grade) for new diaphragm “Myrinx” which mostly impacts acoustic quality, as well as sound feeling

Enhancing wider frequency response and/or rich sound field, as well as resolving clouded sound and/or low resolution sound, known as a conventional dynamic driver, through the performance of the new diaphragm, Myrinx

Performs high sound pressure on all frequency ranges, high resolution, especially on high frequency range, wider sound field optimized by Acoustune Integrated Acoustic Management System, i.e. multi-chamber configuration and wide-range tuning expertise, known as “Myrinx Driver Technology” Review -Acoustune HS1501 AL / HS1551 CU Review -Acoustune HS1501 AL / HS1551 CU

Acoustune HS1501AL and HS1551CU Official Product Details


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