HifiMan RE2000 earphone review – Rich dramatic musical balance

Build Quality

earphonia.com HifiMan RE2000 Review

The shells feel solid and have a reassuring weight to them. Housing is brass with 24K gold electroplating. Machining is precise and design style is very appealing/sleek.

Nozzles are protected with metal mesh and earphone ports fit cables securely with no cut outs or glitches.

Using the stock cable we had no microphonics and the cable has a quality feel to it. The finish on it was a little strange and felt a little bit like it was a prototype, however signature was not adversely impacted and it felt comfortable when in use, staying secure at all times.

earphonia.com HifiMan RE2000 Review

Right angle jack fits tight and was secure with all the players we tried.

earphonia.com HifiMan RE2000 Review

The welcome addition to support standard 2 PIN IEM connectors is excellent and provided many after market cable options. The whiplash audio cable above fits perfectly.

 Specification/Booklet Supplied Information

The earphone comes with a comprehensive booklet talking about the history of HifiMan and discussing all aspects of the RE2000 – below is a scan image of the document.

One of the most interesting aspect is the theory that nano topology of the diaphragm significantly affects and controls the signature.

Dr. Fang Bian has focused research on understanding how the geometric structure at a nano particle level can impact and control the output signature. It is certainly a very interesting statement, as an end user it is very difficult to validate the signature impact of nano topology but what we can say is that the RE2000 certainly impresses with its fluidity and musicality. We are very interested to try new topology structures in future releases.


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