HifiMan RE800 earphone review- Detailed musical dynamics

 Digital Audio Player Pairings

Pairing with the QLS QA360 Mod player

The signature has good body and more of a fun aspect sound signature. Layering is articulate and upper treble pushes far.

earphonia.com HifiMan RE800 Review

Pairing with the Sony NW-WM1Z Player

One of my favourite DAPs and always a go to for natural sounding signature. Paired well with the RE800 earphone but body a little light sounding at times and not as full sounding as the QLS360 Mod Dap.

earphonia.com HifiMan RE800 Review

Pairing with the Cowon Plenue S player

The Plenue S sounded refined but felt a little reserved at times, high resolution recordings had decent imaging and positioning. Bass not as impacting as with the other 2 DAPs mentioned.

earphonia.com HifiMan RE800 Review

Pairing with the Altmann Tera Player

Altmann Tera Player shows off it’s famous low noise dark background. Vocals sound natural and close. Good pairing with decent synergy.

earphonia.com HifiMan RE800 Review

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