HifiMan RE800 earphone review- Detailed musical dynamics

HifiMan RE800 Official Product Details 


  • Frequency Response : 5Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance : 60Ω
  • Sensitivity : 105dB
  • Earphone Weight : 0.95oz (27g)
  • Driver: 9.2mm dynamic driver
  • Housing: brass 24k electroplated gold.

The Ideal Dynamic Driver
The Topology diaphragm structure used by HIFIMAN greatly reduces the uncontrolled diaphragm distortions, enabling the operational performance of dynamic IEM’s to an approach to an ever superior, trend towards perfect wave control.
What is a “Topology Diaphragm”?
The “Topology Diaphragm” or “Topology Driver” refers to the diaphragm with a special Nano particle coating applied to its surface. The distribution of the coating has distinct geometric patterns. By varying the surface pattern, compound used, the thickness or geometric pattern sound wave formation can be manipulated to achieve the desired audio effect and control. The idea behind the new Topology Diaphragm was inspired by Dr Fang Bian’s Ph.D. thesis that “different Nano materials have differing structures and each of those materials have its own properties”. Therefore, by carefully controlling the diaphragm surface structure you can yield different results in acoustic performance to a degree previously unobtainable.
24k Gold Edition
While Brass made for the perfect housing material for the acoustics, it did not quite convey the fine richness of its audio output. Thus, the RE800 24k Gold Edition has been electroplated to give it a lustrous sheen that befitted the golden, rich audio inside.
Smooth flowing contours ergonomically designed to fit you and your ears perfectly.
With our unique Nanotech “Topology Driver”, the technology inside its golden exterior transitions from man’s oldest metal working to the latest technological audio advancements.
Golden Audio
With a rich, silky smooth acoustic sound signature, our newest IEM has all the detail and subtlety you would expect from HIFIMAN. Yet delivers all the exciting dynamics that takes you front and center.  The RE800 offers the perfect blend of rigidity, resonance and musicality.

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