q-JAYS review – Refined, Resilient, Reference

Build Quality

The focus on engineering quality is apparent and the shells are extremely solid with a matt black finish.

They are built using metal injected molding processes, ensuring they are precise and results in a single piece of  curved solid housing per shell. To get even greater precision they coupled this with CNC machining and laser-cutting, resulting in extremely small solid shells.

In addition a number of other steps are taken to further improve the shells.

I am very impressed by the design approach and engineering quality of the q-JAYS earphones.

earphonia.com q-Jays earphone review

The nozzles have removable acoustic tuning filters that are designed to smooth and wash off any sibilant peaks that could occur. Only one set of filters are present, so this is the only tuning filter option available

earphonia.com q-Jays earphone review

A little way down the nozzle there is a recessed groove channel to hold the tips even more securely in place.

Build quality is excellent on these shells and they feel very well built, solid with a reassuring tactile scratch resistant precise finish.

Size is very small, with comfortable nozzle depth, fit is secure and well suited to my ear shape.

I can’t see many people having fit issues with the shape/style and these seem very accessible for a universal IEM.

Digital Audio Player Pairings

earphonia.com q-Jays earphone review

I paired the q-JAYS with all 3 digital audio players above, Cowon Plenue SChord Hugo DAC and the Sony NW-WM1Z DAP

The q-JAYS earphone paired well with all 3 DAPs.

The Cowon Plenue S DAP had a more delicate presence and was a little bright at times.

The Chord Hugo DAC had a very reference signature with greater articulation and micro detail but there was some hiss at times.

There was particularly good synergy with the Sony NW-WM1Z dap as it added more space and lifted the natural aspects of the q-JAYS earphones characteristics.

earphonia.com q-Jays earphone review

Giving a more natural aspect to the sound.

The rest of the review is based on the Sony NW-WM1Z pairing and suited my audio preferences best.

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