q-JAYS review – Refined, Resilient, Reference

Sound Signature:

As always the most important part of any earphone review is the sound signature.

Prior to any assessment we use 250 hours to burn-in for this earphone.

earphonia.com q-Jays earphone review

I recommend you try your full suite of tips before making any signature judgements as there was quite a large impact on signature. I settled on the comply tips as they were the most comfortable, provided decent isolation and helped with signature preference.

So how is the signature, now we have a nice comfortable fit.

Lets look at how the q-JAYS earphones perform across the spectrum of familiar audio frequencies that us in-ear fans are so interested in.


Don’t expect to get a huge impactful thump that seems more popular and accessible for some listeners. What you will get is a slightly raised above neutral tuning that results in the bass having a well textured and smooth presence. Not at all thick or clouded but maintaining a natural refined weight, still tight and well controlled. Lower end extension could be pushed a little further for my liking but this is just my preference and I’m sure these should be fine for most people. Attack tuning is strong and harder edged sounds are handled with well balanced controlled transitions. I have a personal preference to this kind of tuning and like the balance and hand off to the midrange area.

earphonia.com q-Jays earphone review


The mids are neutral, pushing back to slightly recessed overall. As a result some vocals feel a touch distant but they do maintain a natural feel. Gelling well with the rest of the sound regions, the mids have a delicate smooth aspect to them but without feeling warm or coloured. It works well with the ‘reference signature goal’ that the q-JAYS are targeting in their tuning aspirations. Soundstage is not huge but does have a fair amount of presence, don’t expect any out of head holographic type sizing but there should be enough range to suite most people. It works well with the overall frequencies balanced tuning.


This region of the sound spectrum tuning is quite a strong focus of the q-JAYS signature but this does not dominate the overall balance of this earphone. I felt this raised focus added to the reference feel in conjunction with the strong layering and articulate presentation.

earphonia.com q-Jays earphone review

The q-JAYS sparkle at times, in a good way, not overtly bright or shrill but give a sense of precision and well placed articulate micro-detail. Great for natural sounding cymbals and other quick decaying live percussive instruments.

These are a touch aggressive at times but only on a few occasions and for specific tracks. If you have particular sensitivity in this region, tip choice can have quite a welcome tuning change without the need of EQ’ing, comply tips proved to pull back most spiking into sibilant territory. Treble decays are a little quick however it doesn’t result in an artificial sounding signature or sound clipped/truncated. I am pleased to say that (using Complys) these can be used for longer listening sessions as these do not result in fatiguing or soreness. Also the form factor fit and solid rugged build of the q-JAYs really make these perfect for long haul flights.

The team at earphonia.com really were impressed by the excellent build quality of the q-JAYS earphones. The engineering precision, solid build and craftsmanship are to be applauded. The sound signature pushes towards reference with a delicate smooth coherent tuning that is refined, detailed and resonates a reserved quality.

We look forward to future releases from JAYS company as the q-JAYS earphones certainly got our attention!

earphonia.com q-Jays earphone review

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