Beauty and the Pretty Little Beast – Jomo PLB

Build Quality

As can be seen from the pictures the shells of the PLB have striking dark blue faceplates with embedded reflective green flecks/shards which flicker as the light catches them.

These seemingly dancing green flecks are slightly iridescent and quite entrancing to look at, giving the Pretty Little Beast it’s ‘Pretty’ characteristic. Jomo PLB Pretty Little Beast earphone Review

The rest of the shell is a solid light pale blue colour with a less prominent silver glitter effect. The ‘Jomo’ brand name is featured in an elegant silver font on both shells.

The nozzles bore channels feature dual stainless steel tubing which gives these earphones a further professional finish.

A little way down the nozzle there is a recessed groove channel to hold the tips even more securely in place. Jomo PLB Pretty Little Beast earphone Review

Build quality is excellent on these shells and they feel solid with an elegant smooth precise finish.

Size is small and the nozzle depth and fit is very comfortable and suited to my ear shape.

I can’t see many people having fit issues with the shape/style and these seem very accessible for a universal IEM.

Digital Audio Player Pairings Jomo PLB Pretty Little Beast earphone Review

I paired the PLB with all 3 digital audio players above, HisoundAudio Studio 6Shanling M5 and the Sony NW-WM1Z DAP

The Jomo earphone paired well with all 3 DAPs.

The HiSoundAudio S6 had dark background and powerful presence.

The Shanling M5 had a lighter character but there was some hiss at times.

There was particularly good synergy with the Sony NW-WM1Z dap as it seemed to add more space and soften the fullness of the PLB IEM’s characteristics.

Giving a more natural aspect to the sound.

The rest of the review is based on the Sony NW-WM1Z pairing, however all 3 DAPs paired well.

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