Co-Donguri – Tornado equalizer earphone Ocharaku’s Co-Donguri Japan Earphone Review

Co-Donguri Dawn Blue Earphone

Co-Donguri Dawn Blue Earphone

Sound Signature


    Build Quality





        • Light and Airy Non Fatiguing Signature
        • Extremely good value with great fit
        • Large Soundstage


        • Slight veil over the Mid Range
        • Treble a little sharp at times was pleased to give the excellently valued Co-Donguri  earphone a spin. Many thanks to the  Takeanidea  for taking it through its paces.

        Pairings Equipment

        Hidizs AP60

        Chord Mojo Dac


        My second IEM review from the Ocharaku company, little known outside of their native Japan. Ocharaku have no distributors outside of their own country and have not been at any of the shows I have attended in Europe. It would be great to have them exhibit their excellent products in Europe or the USA, as lots of us are missing out on a very special signature.

        Concentrating on slowly building up a reputation for no nonsense IEMs which are built to perform , I am sure we will see this company gain a larger cult following that it has already- you may have heard of Stax .

        A Japanese company that could produce IEMs along the lines of the Full Sized Headphones of their fellow countrymen – now that would be something to get excited about.

        We have talked about the mid tier Flat4 Dynamic SUI , this offering is entirely different.

        It is aimed at the budget conscious consumer and that consumer may even dare to exercise with the Co-Donguri. Sacrilege! Ocharaku’s Co-Donguri Japan Earphone Review

        A quick look on the official website

        Reveals the Sky Blue Model testing here is using another patented technology – the Tornado Equaliser. This attempts to address unwanted resonance in the 6 kHz region. The site does not go into great detail as to how this has been done.

        Nevertheless , it’s encouraging to see that even budget earphones are being pushed in their technology. Hopefully , in the right direction. And here’s the fun bit where I get to try them on…..

        The Set Up Configuration

        To get the best from your IEMs its extremely important to work out what is the best fit for you. I always start with the middle ground that the manufacturers set you up with to get you going.

        This tends to be the medium fit tips, although there are often lots of different types of tips. The Co-Donguri was only supplied with the excellent spinfit tips S/M/L.

        So in a way this makes things easier. Spinfit tips are quite the thing at the moment anyway , because they can be twisted all the way round , the driver isn’t being twisted at the same time. I normally find the medium tips fit me quite well , occasionally having to go for a medium small for my left ear. Ocharaku’s Co-Donguri Japan Earphone Review

        No problems here – so it was off to my reference album of the moment which is Legend by Bob Marley.  The ‘Legendary’ Jamaican musician who did so much to put the Rastafarian beliefs into Western consciousness and who brought reggae to a Worldwide audience needs no introduction here.

        I plugged the Co-Dunguri into the tiny little Hidizs A60P and leant back into my chair and waited to see what the Dawn Blue could do. Ocharaku Flat-4 Sui Review

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