Dunu DK-3001 – Full Stack Hybrid Energy

Build Quality

These earphones are mostly built using high precision engineering and use S316 stainless steel housing to decrease harmonic resonance.

earphonia.com Dunu DK-3001 Hybrid Earphone Review

The connectors are precise and fit with a secure snap fit. The shells are able to rotate 360 degrees so should help with all manner of fit preferences and ear shapes.

earphonia.com Dunu DK-3001 Hybrid Earphone Review

Cable jacks have re-enforced rubber to help with any excessive cable flex. They are made of a strong metal and have the models serial number printed on them.

Shells have mesh covered nozzles to protect from earwax and debris.

earphonia.com Dunu DK-3001 Hybrid Earphone Review

I am happy with the build quality and manufacturing quality of the Dunu DK-3001 hybrid earphones.

 Digital Audio Player Pairings

Pairing with the Astell and Kern AK380 Copper player

Energetic and articulate pairing with the elegant Astell and Kern AK380CU flagship  player – dynamic with decent synergy.

earphonia.com Dunu DK-3001 Hybrid Earphone Review

Pairing with the newly released Sony NW-WM1Z digital audio high end player

Warmer more natural signature, wider staging presence attained.

earphonia.com Dunu DK-3001 Hybrid Earphone Review

Driving the DK-3001 was quite easy and I suspect even a phone would be able to give a good experience with this  earphone due to its low impedance of 13 ohms.

As the AK380 had a more energetic presence than the warmer presence of the Sony NW-WM1Z player I felt the synergy with the DK-3001 earphone was more suited to the Astell and Kern player.

The rest of the review is based on the A380 pairing.

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  • Nice looking little beasts.
    Be interesting to hear how they match against Sony Z5/MDR1000, and others in that price range.
    Assume the build quality is top notch?

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