Empire Ears Zeus-R – The 14 Driver Titan

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Empire Ears Universal Zeus-R

Leaving the 99.999% in the dust, the all new Zeus-Remastered is a 14 driver smack-down of every in-ear monitor ever produced. The Zeus-R boasts unprecedented levels of engineering and components, including a colossal power reserve of 28 total balanced armature drivers, 4 precision ported sound bores, and a state-of-the-art 8-way crossover network, to deliver the most extraordinary audio reproduction possible.

The Zeus-Remastered is an engineering marvel that was designed specifically to achieve new benchmarks in detail retrieval and resolution. Tuned for a more reference like signature, the Zeus-R is relatively flatter than its XIV counterpart. Zeus-R has massive headroom, both in width and height. Treble extends to the skies of Olympus, mids are ultra clear with lifelike vocals, and the bass can be felt and heard without bloated boom or a muddy mid-range.

The Zeus-R is the result of our relentless R&D and obsession with over-engineering. Designed and made for the most discerning musician, artist, engineer, and audiophile.

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  • Thanks for the review! I am now going to get the Zeus XRA!! I needed this to push me over the top in getting them.

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