NuForce HEM8 – Quad BA Linear-Phase Depth

Build Quality

These earphones are mostly built using Lexan polycarbonate which is designed to be vibration-free and constructed for optimal acoustics, as well as low fatigue for extended listening sessions. nuforce HEM8 Review

My experience was there shells had a high degree of precision build, with very smooth finish and excellent contouring and fantastic low profile fit.

The models in the range have different striking colours to indicate which model in the series they are. nuforce HEM8 Review

The HEM8 are matt black in finish and have an understated elegance to them which will appeal to the discrete audio fans out there. nuforce HEM8 Review

They did feel extremely light and for many this will be a very positive benefit, as wont strain the ears and can be used onstage even for the most energetic musicians. nuforce HEM8 Review

The nozzles appear to have protective filters in them to stop wax and debris entrants. nuforce HEM8 Review

The shape and design is very similar to the Westone W series of universal earphones.

There is also a limited set of 300 units built using copper which look really great. nuforce HEM8 Review

For my design preference/fit, I am completely happy with the build and fit of the Nuforce HEM8 earphone shells.

Digital Audio Player Pairings

Pairing with the Calyx M player

Warmer full signature, with a good sense of space –  good synergy. nuforce HEM8 Review

Pairing with the newly released theBIT OPUS#2 digital audio high end player

Energetic, articulate signature, better imaging but slight hiss. nuforce HEM8 Review

The rest of the review is based on the Calyx M player pairing.

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