Ocharaku Flat-4 SUI – In Ear Tech is driven further forward

earphonia.com Ocharaku Flat-4 Sui Review

Flat-4 Sui Ocharaku Earphone

Flat-4 Sui Ocharaku Earphone

Sound Signature


    Build Quality





        • Bass in the realms of a full sized
        • Sub and mid bass punch and warmth
        • Mid range detailed clear not particularly veiled


        • Treble sometimes slightly too energetic for some tastes
        • High end sources required for larger sized soundstage
        • Could be more robust build

        Earphonia.com was happy to have the opportunity to review one of the classics from Japan, the the Ocharaku Flat-4 SUI In-Ear Earphone.

        For me it is a very special earphone that really needs more coverage, so it was great to have Takeanidea join our team with his excellent review.

        earphonia.com Ocharaku Flat-4 Sui Review

        Pairings Equipment

        Hidizs AP60

        MacBook Pro Retina

        First Watt F6 Power Amplifier

        Chord Mojo Dac


        Just how many different ways can an IEM be made to look? Somehow, a Japanese Company has made their new line look like a fleet of V8 muscle cars. With a pipe running the length of the driver I  had no doubt in my mind that whoever designed these things wants to shake things up a bit in the in ear world.

        The industry is moving very fast with hybrid technologies of the many descriptions jumping in at mid tier pricing levels. There are many tiny shells out there within which lie some truly astonishing achievements in what can be done with so little space.

        The paradox is ;

        Which one of the many patents out there is truly a new technology bringing something new to our ears?

        Are we paying for the new technology or for the sophistication of the sound signature?

        Armed with this rather critical approach to the radical new design in front of me , I set to put these diminutive monsters through their paces. I have some in ears which have been with me for a few years. I know the sound signature of these without putting them on. For a fair fight and of course for the pure joy of slipping into something comfortable I made some direct comparisons.

        earphonia.com Ocharaku Flat-4 Sui Review

        I did side by side A/B testing using my trusty Chord Mojo , put the Flat4 through a smartphone, a Hidizs AP60 soon to be reviewed on earphonia.com, also a completely over the top 50 Watts per Channel Modded First Watt F6 Power Amplifier – with an ultra revealing setup.


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