Unique Melody Mentor V1 Review – A lost treasure part 1

Sound Impressions

earphonia.com review of Unique Melody Mentor Earphone


The Bass on Mentor is slightly elevated and north on neutral, giving a little more body to the sound than your normally reference earphone.

It has a little more focus on sub bass area rather than mid bass. This keeps the bass very clean and it never bleed on to the mids, making them very clear and detailed.

Bass has good quality and is very tight but lacks a little impact and rumble.


Its this part which impressed me more on these earphones, because I normally have my preference on mid forward-warm headphones.

The mids on Mentor are extremely clear and immensely detailed. Low mids are a little lean for my preference but manage to keep a nice body and high mids are very sparkly without any sibilance.

The positioning of voices is very balanced in a middle way between forward (alá Zeus) or recessed (alá SEM9) and they never sound warm or bright, but oh boy they’re impressive in detail retrieval, picking every nuance in the voices or instruments, even details I have never hear before. For example: the mids on Zeus are bolder and more expansive but I found Mentor mids even more detailed. Impressive!


Treble on Mentors is slightly elevated as is the  bass giving them a forward signature.

Treble maintains the clear reference signature with very good extension and a very nice sparkle touch. They never sound sibilant but demands good recordings because they can become a little bright.

earphonia.com review of Unique Melody Mentor Earphone

Soundstage and Imaging

The soundstage width of the Mentor is larger than usual, giving you good instrument separation but it lacks a little in the depth and height department, that affects the imaging which being very good it falls a little behind is competitors.


The Unique Melody Mentor are easy to drive and shows no hiss with all my sources including the Lotoo Paw Gold.

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