Ocharaku Flat4-KEYAKI Plus and Flat4-AKAKEYAKI Plus New Earphone

Highly respected owner and engineer – Makoto Yamagishi of Ocharaku has released a new Flat 4 flagship earphone, the Flat4-KEYAKI Plus and Flat4-AKAKEYAKI Plus version.



I am big fan of the Flat4 and Ocharaku signature, the level of micro-detail portrayed by the Kaede range is astounding.

It would be great to compare to this model to the Kaede.

General Information:

Front and Rear cabinetLiquid crystal polymer
Center cabinetSolid japanese zelkova coated with raw lacquer
Cable with plugFURUTECH Co. Non-magnetic Pure copper Rhodium plated 3-pole stereo mini plug,
*quadruple conductor cable (cable brunch point to plug)
Sound adjust by;Sound check by Comply and SpinFit

Technical data:

Element010F002 Φ10mm Dynamic type x2 (On each side)
Acoustic systemTwin-Equalize-Element system
Output sound pressure level104 dBSPL/mW
Frequency3.5 to 45kHz (High-resolution compatible)
Max input400mW
MassApprox. 26g
Cable with plug1.2m(Y type) quadruple conductor cable Φ3.5mm Rhodium plated stereo mini plug
AccessoriesComply foam ear tips T-200 L size (M size on product)
SpinFit S, M, L size
L type cable adepter, Cleaning cloth,
Wooden casing (japanese zelkova & paulownia solid wood),
Manual instruction/warranty card

Other features

  • Quadruple conductor cable with plug for more distinguish sound character for both side
  • Compatible to high-resolution sound source covering from 3.5 to 45kHz
  • With Flat4 structure and Comply foam ear tips minimizes touch noise
  • tangential-less Diaphragm gives clean middle to high register with less distortion
  • Powerful Neodymium magnet; Maximum Energy Product of 400kJ/m3(50MGOe) combined with electromagnetic PURE iron plated plates and yoke configure a powerful magnetic circuits
  • All indications are laser marked; chipping off and/or discoloration will not occur like standard printing method
  • Specific CCAW lines are employed for voice coils to sustain a high input up to 400mW
  • Liquid crystal polymer is used to Plays the slightest lingering sound with a genital touch

keyaki_1  keyaki_4


Official Ocharaku Infomation

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