JH Roxanne Performance Series – Mini Comparison with Angie II

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Recently, we got one of the newest JH Audio Roxanne Performance series earphones and we made a mini comparisons against one our current favourite IEMs – the  JH Angie II.

Build Quality
Aesthetically, Angie II is more pleasing, made by solid aluminium and Roxanne PF made by good quality plastic and feels more robust.

Sound Quality
Angie and Roxanne PF has different characteristics. Angie is more warm, laid back and has thicker mid. Roxanne PF is fuller, more balance and a bit brighter than Angie.

Technically, Roxanne PF wins this comparisons. Roxanne PF has more clarity, details, greater width and depth soundstage and better treble presence than Angie.

Official Product information:

Roxanne Performance Universal IEM

Roxanne became an instant legend when she was released over two years ago. As the first IEM in our innovative Siren Series, it introduced the locking 4-pin connector and on-cable adjustable bass attenuator. Roxanne Performance UF is a logical choice for our Performance Series, with a solid bass response and a naturally wide soundstage for one of the most musical IEM’s ever produced.

  • Newly redesigned 3D Printed Universal Fit shells
  • Silver Carbon Fiber Faceplates with Black oversized JH logos
  • 12 Driver configuration, powered by SoundrIVe technology: Quad low, quad mid, quad high
  • Integrated 3-Way Crossover
  • Triple Bore with FreqPhase Steel Tube Waveguide
  • Moon Audio Cable with 4-pin locking connector
  • Variable bass output, adjustable from the on-cable Attenuator (0 to +12db)
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