Rudi Rocks – Questyle latest batch from December 2016 is really great

Since yesterday i have tried how good the new batch Questyle QP 1 R can drive my headphones?

Questyle QP1 R new batch from December 2016

Accoustic Enigma Dharma
With SAA Endorphin Balance XLR 4 Pin

Zenith PMX2

LCD 3 Fazor

Sound Quality:
Like i wrote above
Number 1:
With Accoustic Enigma Dharma has best synergy

Number 2:
Zenith PMX2

Number 3:
LCD 3 Fazor

With LCD 3 i feel sound can not so open like Enigma Dharma and Zenith PM X2

I use the same cable for LCD 3 Fazor and Engima Dharma SAA endorphin balance XLR 4 pin

Zenith PM X2 i use Stock PM 1 balance
Cable XLt 4 pin

I use Adapter XLR 4 pin female to mini

I have not tried with abyss 1266


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