Rudi Rocks – Ocharaku AKA KEYAKI and Astell Kern AK380 Copper with Amp

After work set up at home

Source: Ak 380 copper


Ak 380 copper amp

Balance Headphone Conditioner: AClear Porta NXT-2AK Rudi Rocks Astell Kern and Ocharaku

As best balance sounding from all Ocharaku series.

Sound quality:
Ak 380 cu + amp. Copper as my best sounding DAP sound already excellent.

With additional AClear Porta balance Headphone Conditioner sound even better

More control and has better rendering

Is even cleaner and clearer

It has better bass impact and cleaner nass reproduction.

It make better separation

Soundstage: Is wider and has better depth too

Background:  Blacker background.

AClear Porta is really great product and now it is hard to obtain. Rudi Rocks Astell Kern and Ocharaku

I will bring to can jam Singapore on 11 and 12 march 2017 to let my friends try by them self.

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